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22.2V Density Battery for Rechargeable Dyson Battery DC31 V8 V10

Density Battery has been deeply engaged in the battery industry for many years. In recent years, Density Battery has invested heavily in the development of new models. More than 5 models are released every month, including built-in notebook batteries, Dyson vacuum cleaner series batteries and tool batteries.

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    800 cycles, 80% D.O.D
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*22.2V Lithium Ion rechargeable battery powers a week's worth of workouts with up to 4.5 hours of dyson vacuun cleaner per charge.

* LONG BATTERY LIFE - Portable Dyson Vacuun Cleaner with a rechargeable battery, it works up to 4.5 hours of use per full charge.

* Improve the power performance and extend the working time of your portable dyson vacuun cleaner.

Quick Details

Product Name 22.2V iDensity Battery for Rechargeable Dyson Battery DC31 V8 V10
Nominal Voltage 22.2V
Minimum Capacity 1500mAh
Applications Portable Juicer Small Machine, Miner Headlamp, Medical Device, Laptops, Smart Home Appliances, Vacuum Cleaners, Massage Gun, Power Tools, etc.
Charging Current 0.5C(1250mA)
Discharging Current 0.5C~1C(1250~2500mA)
Cycle Life 800 cycles, 80% D.O.D
Warranty 1 Year (12 Months)
Battery Weight ≤110g
Operation Temperature -20~60℃
Chemistry Material NMC

Why choose us

1. One li-polymer factory

2. Two 18650 li-ion cells factories

3.Three battery pack manufacturing plants across China

4. Five factories to ensure fast delivery and cost competitiveness

5. 10~15 new models of laptop batteries released every month

6. 80 members of R&D engineers and QC/QA team to ensure best design and stable quality.

7. 1,200+ workers

8. 100,000+sqm of manufacturing areas

9. 1,000,000pcs of laptop batteries monthly turnover capacity

10. Cell manufacturing, BMS design, plastic injection, PACK assembly, all in house

11. A complete Lithium ion battery provider

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Leave A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details , please leave a message here , we will reply you as soon as we can.