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  • The Third Part of Lithium ion Battery Cells Manufacturing Process Oct 28 , 2022
    12. Injection: Water content of electrolyte ≤20ppm. Injection volume: 5.4 ± 0.2g.(If the electrolyte leaks, the battery will generate heat.)   13. Sealing: Sealing pressure ≥ 6Mpa.(The port shall be flat and free of crack, and the shell and bottom shall be free from damage and scratch.)     14. Cleaning: Firstly clean with cleaning fluid, pure water and hot air, and then apply anti rust oil.     15. Coating: The cell should be covered with PVC heat shrinkable film.(The repair rate of defective heat shrinkable appearance shall not be higher than 0.5%.)     16. Formation: After the cell is coated, it will stand for 3-4 days, and then be charged and discharged.(pay attention to constant current and constant voltage during charging and discharging)
  • The Second Part of Lithium ion Battery Cells Manufacturing Process Aug 26 , 2022
    Cells are widely used for laptop batteries, digital home appliances(like vacuum cleaners), solar energy storage system(like municipal street lights and other outdoor lighting lamps), LED lighting, power tools(like mowers), low-speed EV( like two/three-wheeled electric vehicles), etc.   Therefore, here we will carry on the second part of the lithium ion cell production process introduction and machine equipment display. 7. Winding: Usually the negative pole is long and the positive pole is short while winding.(Pay attention to winding speed and diaphragm tension.)    8. Into the shell: When the coil is put into the steel shell, pay attention to the positive and negative electrode directions, and place a gasket between the negative pole ear and the coil of the cell.(The gasket should not be missed or ectopic.)    9. Groove rolling: Before rolling groove, put a gasket on the positive pole; pay attention to the height above the groove and the total height...
  • The Lithium ion Battery Cells Manufacturing Process Jul 27 , 2022
    What Is The Manufacturing Process of Lithium-ion Battery Cell? The first step of Cylindrical 18650 Lithium-ion Cells production: 1.Pulping: The advanced automatic feeding system help feed automatically, without direct contact of manual, and ensuring the high cleanliness and pollution-free of materials.(The feeding sequence, mixing speed and mixing time shall be in strict accordance with the battery process standards)   2.Coating: The coating thickness is accurate up to ± 2um / surface. Meanwhile, the coating density is detected by β -ray on-line to ensure the standardization of products from the aspects of thickness and density.(Quality of cells depend on coating by 60%, like, whether there are scratches, particles, bubbles, dark marks, etc)     3.Drying: Oven is 18m. Coating speed is 8m / min and baking time is 2.25 min. (Maximum baking temperature should not exceed 140 ℃)     4.Rolling: Rolling accuracy can be co...
  • How can charging extend lithium battery life May 31 , 2022
    1. Moderate charging Keeping lithium-ion battery properly charged and discharged can extend battery life. Maintaining lithium battery power at 10% to 90% is a better way to protect battery. There is no need to charge a digital product to maximum power, such as mobile phone, laptop, etc. 2. Charge battery in a proper temperature Lithium ion battery charging temperature range: 0~45 degrees Celsius. Lithium ion battery discharge temperature range: 0~60 degrees Celsius 3. Prevent overcharge Lithium ion battery must prevent overcharge during charging. Any form of lithium battery overcharge can cause serious damage or even explosion of battery performance. 4. The first charge does not need to be activated, but to charge in standard charging time. The charging and discharging characteristics of lithium ion battery and nickel battery are very different. The charging of lithium ion battery should follow the standard time and standard ways instead of charging exceed 12 hours ...
  • Density Battery's Tips for Buying Quality Battery Packs and Cells May 14 , 2022
    A battery pack is a collection of cells electrically connected in an array enclosed inside a housing of some kind with a connector and a circuit board attached. If you were to take a battery pack apart, you would find inside a collection of single cells connected together. A cell is a single electrochemical unit, which when connected to other cells, forms the battery pack.  Once you know what you’re looking for, it’s best to consult an expert on how to navigate the battery market. Followings are our top tips for buying quality battery packs. 1. Always use cells and batteries from well-known reputable firms. Battery companies with certified battery packs (UL, IEC, PSE, ATEX, etc.) typically have higher build qualities. Very inexpensive cells and batteries purchased on the internet from companies with no certifications are problematic and can result in a catastrophic event.   2. Be aware that counterfeit batteries exist all over the internet, and many are ...
  • Density Battery 18650 lithium ion battery catalog May 13 , 2022
    Model Nominal voltage Nominal capacity Operation temperature(℃) Charging current Discharging current INR18650(NCM) 3.7V 1500mAh -20~60℃ 0.5~1C 1~17C INR18650(NCM) 3.7V 1800mAh -20~60℃ 0.5~1C 0.5~3C INR18650(NCM) 3.7V 2000mAh -20~60℃ 0.5~1C 0.5~3C ICR18650(NCM) 3.7V 2200mAh -20~60℃ 0.5~1C 0.5~3C ICR18650(NCM) 3.7V 2000mAh -20~60℃ 0.5~1C 1~5C ICR18650(NCM) 3.7V 2000mAh -20~60℃ 0.5~1C 1~8C ICR18650(NCM) 3.7V 2000mAh -20~60℃ 0.5~1C 1~12C ICR18650(NCM) 3.7V 2500mAh -20~60℃ 0.5~1C 1~5C
  • Density Battery Customization Process of 18650 Lithium Battery Pack Apr 29 , 2022
    The customization process of 18650 lithium ion battery pack is customized according to the actual product requirements. The following process should be noted: 1.If customer knows exactly what would be needed, battery can be customized as per provided lithium ion battery size, electrical performance requirements, output requirements and functional requirements. 2.If customer is confused about what would be needed, ideal functional requirements, working hours, product power, appearance shape, etc. need to be provided to factory to customize battery. 3.After confirming functional requirements of products, samples will be developed by professional battery engineers based on actual situation. 4.When appearance, function and other details of the sample battery are confirmed, the manufacturer will reply a specific delivery time to customer based on estimated material situation. 5.After both customer and factory confirm the delivery time of customized battery, a contract will be signed by both...
  • Customization of lithium battery pack Mar 23 , 2022
    Our company has its own R&D production system in BMS design, molding creation, plastic injection, product ODM design, cell manufacturing, etc. Particularly, for BMS design, we developed an integrated modular system of protection board, which can be used for various batteries and provide solid technical foundation for PACK assembly and OEM/ ODM services. The system regarding cylindrical 18650 lithium-ion cells as corpus, serves for R&D, manufacturing and sales of customization of different sizes battery PACK, forming a complete industrial chain.   Customized solutions of battery pack are mainly used for laptops, digital products, smart home, solar energy storage, power tools and low-speed EV. Since 2018, we have provided numerous batteries for different products, like vacuum cleaner battery, bluetooth speaker battery, solar street light battery, LED lighting battery, mower battery, fascia gun battery, two/three-wheeled EV battery, etc. With full models, fast deliv...
  • Polymer lithium cells Mar 23 , 2022
    Polymer lithium cell, called ‘green battery’ is a new generation of lithium-ion battery. In 1999, it started spreading fast into the market. It gains lots of favour from suppliers of digital products like mobile phones, laptops, bluetooth headset series, for its high specific energy, small volume, ultra-thin performance, high safety, no memory effect, long cycle life and other advantages. Famous enterprise like Amperex Technology Limited( ATL for short), whose shipment volume of high-end polymer lithium-ion batteries is in the forefront around the world.   In early 2019, our company generally increased investment of ultra-thin laptop batteries and extended the scale of density factory in July, 2019, updating R&D and manufacturing of li-polymer laptop battery cells. In August 2021, the whole production line of li-polymer cell was moved to Guizhou plant. From then on, our polymer has gained unanimously favourable comments from customers home and abroad, wit...
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