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Density Battery Customization Process of 18650 Lithium Battery Pack Apr 29 , 2022

The customization process of 18650 lithium ion battery pack is customized according to the actual product requirements. The following process should be noted:

1.If customer knows exactly what would be needed, battery can be customized as per provided lithium ion battery size, electrical performance requirements, output requirements and functional requirements.

2.If customer is confused about what would be needed, ideal functional requirements, working hours, product power, appearance shape, etc. need to be provided to factory to customize battery.

3.After confirming functional requirements of products, samples will be developed by professional battery engineers based on actual situation.

4.When appearance, function and other details of the sample battery are confirmed, the manufacturer will reply a specific delivery time to customer based on estimated material situation.

5.After both customer and factory confirm the delivery time of customized battery, a contract will be signed by both parties. Factory will start mass production when customer pays the deposit in advance. When goods ready, factory will start delivery after customer inspects the goods and pays balance.

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