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Customization of lithium battery pack Mar 23 , 2022

Our company has its own R&D production system in BMS design, molding creation, plastic injection, product ODM design, cell manufacturing, etc. Particularly, for BMS design, we developed an integrated modular system of protection board, which can be used for various batteries and provide solid technical foundation for PACK assembly and OEM/ ODM services. The system regarding cylindrical 18650 lithium-ion cells as corpus, serves for R&D, manufacturing and sales of customization of different sizes battery PACK, forming a complete industrial chain.


Customized solutions of battery pack are mainly used for laptops, digital products, smart home, solar energy storage, power tools and low-speed EV. Since 2018, we have provided numerous batteries for different products, like vacuum cleaner battery, bluetooth speaker battery, solar street light battery, LED lighting battery, mower battery, fascia gun battery, two/three-wheeled EV battery, etc. With full models, fast delivery time, high quality and competitive price, we have won recognition from many well-know domestic and foreign companies and have become their important partner. Some models are like:

Applications Nominal Voltage Nominal Capacity Cell Type Cell Configuration
Laptop Battery 11.1V 4.4A 18650/2200 3S2P
Vacuum Cleaner 24V 20A 18650/2600 3C 7S8P
Electric Body Massager 22.2V 2A

18650/2000 10C

Solar Street Light 12V 30A 18650/2000 3S15P
LED Lighting 7.4V 2.2A 18650/2200 2S1P
Solar CCTV System 12V 88A

18650/2000 10C

Cordless Power Tools 18V 6A

18650/2000 10C

Cordless Power Tools
18V 3A

18650/1500 15C


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