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Polymer lithium cells Mar 23 , 2022

Polymer lithium cell, called ‘green battery’ is a new generation of lithium-ion battery. In 1999, it started spreading fast into the market. It gains lots of favour from suppliers of digital products like mobile phones, laptops, bluetooth headset series, for its high specific energy, small volume, ultra-thin performance, high safety, no memory effect, long cycle life and other advantages. Famous enterprise like Amperex Technology Limited( ATL for short), whose shipment volume of high-end polymer lithium-ion batteries is in the forefront around the world.


In early 2019, our company generally increased investment of ultra-thin laptop batteries and extended the scale of density factory in July, 2019, updating R&D and manufacturing of li-polymer laptop battery cells. In August 2021, the whole production line of li-polymer cell was moved to Guizhou plant. From then on, our polymer has gained unanimously favourable comments from customers home and abroad, with steady daily output, mature technology and high quality of ultra-thin laptop batteries. Presently, some of available polymer lithium-ion cells listed:

Model Voltage Capacity Chemistry Material
355381 3.7V 1850mAh


 Lithium (Nickel)x(Manganese)2(Cobalt)2(Oxide)2

103446 3.7V 1850mAh
3866101 3.7V 3000mAh
585576 3.8V 3500mAh
4061135 3.8V 4750mAh


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