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India New Energy Market Mar 19

Reason of the development of India new energy market

* Rapid development leads to serious pollution, and people suffer from air pollution for a long time.

* Lack of oil.

A series of measures taken by Indian government

* Aim to automate all new cars before 2030.

* Invite China to participate in the implementation of the electrification plan.

* Approval of a three-year subsidy scheme for electric vehicles of RS 100 billion (about RMB 9.4 billion)

India New Energy Vehicle Market

* Recently, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gotion High-tech Co., Ltd. and Tata AutoComp jointly established pack company, intending to provide lithium battery modules, packs and BMS for Tata's new energy vehicles, so as to explore the promising Indian market of new energy vehicles.

* Jiawei Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with IPL company from India. Within five years, the latter plans to purchase power battery system for 10000 pure electric heavy trucks from Jiawei. The main project of the cooperation between the two sides is supporting lithium iron phosphate battery.

* BYD has already started to produce electric buses in India. In addition, BYD and its Indian partner Gold stone plan to produce no less than 5000 electric vehicles a year before March, 2021.

* LG Chemical has signed an agreement with Indian automobile company Mahinda. LG Chemical will design lithium-ion battery modules for Mahinda, and Mahinda will set up an assembly line with an annual output of 500000 batteries.

Electric Two-wheeler and Tricycle Market in India

* In October 2018, Phylion Battery Co.,Ltd set up a subsidiary in New Delhi, India, taking the lead in planning the replacement lithium battery market for two-wheeler vehicles and tricycles in India.

* The Indian government plans to set up battery replacement stations to replace batteries for electric two-wheeler vehicles and tricycles in time.

Indian Energy Storage Market

* India has set an ambitious target of 225gw renewable energy power generation by 2022.

* In the next 10 years, the demand for lead-acid batteries in India's energy storage market will decline rapidly, while the demand for lithium batteries will grow rapidly.

* In February, 2019, India's first grid level lithium battery energy storage system was officially put into operation, with a scale of 10MW/ 10MWh.

* BYD will provide India with BYD20ft containerized energy storage system to help India solve the power quality problems of factories in remote areas and improve the utilization rate of renewable energy for power generation.

The above data are from Gaogong lithium battery.

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