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The Senior Engineer Golden Globe Award---Several Lithium Enterprises are Shortlisted for 2021 Senior Engineer Annual Innovative Product Mar 19

About the Golden Globe Awards: The annual selection of the Golden Globe Awards is organized by Gaogong Lithium, the resource and capital integration leader in Lithium battery supply chain. This Golden Globe Award, known as the "Oscar in the Lithium Industry", not only provides a platform for the industry to display products and brands, but also hopes to select good products, new technologies, and good brands in this way to set industry benchmarks.

Lithium Enterprises shortlisted for 2021 annual innovative product:


1. Jiangxi Anchi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (ANC)

Participating product type: LiFePO4 energy storage battery

 Product introduction: Product name: high-safety, high-performance and long-life energy storage battery. Model: 48173115. Capacity: 140Ah. Standard voltage: 3.2V. Working voltage range: 2.5~3.65V. Charging temperature range: 0~60 ℃. Discharge temperature range: -20~60℃, Maximum charge rate: 1C. Maximum discharge rate: 2C. Energy density: 190Wh/Kg. Cycle life: 8000 times. It is mainly used in grid energy storage, distributed power generation, independent/ Grid-connected micro-grid, communication base station, UPS, household energy storage, railway, subway, mobile energy storage and other fields.

 Market competitiveness: This products are widely used in electrical energy storage in various occasions, such as communication base stations, grid energy storage, independent/grid-connected micro-grids, UPS, home energy storage, railway/subway, mobile energy storage, etc., and most of them are 2P12S and 6P4S distributed energy storage. The currently installed projects include Datong Energy No. 1 Optical Storage Charging Station, Sinopec Dapeng Bay Oil Pumping Station Energy Storage Power Station, Edinburgh Chain Hotel Small Commercial Energy Storage, and Norwegian Local Police Small Commercial energy storage, etc. With the further acceleration of new infrastructure construction, the construction of domestic large-scale 5G base station energy storage will ensure that this product has lasting market competitiveness.


2. Shenzhen BAK Power Battery Co., Ltd.

Participating product type: Lithium battery

Product introduction: Cylindrical batteries continue to grow larger with the size and volume, which is the future development trend of products conforming to the market, especially in response to changes in the automotive electronics market. The advantages of large-size cylindrical batteries are as follow: 1. Effectively improve the overall space utilization of the battery system; 2. Reduce the use of structural parts and production procedures, which will lower the costs; 3. Take into account energy efficiency, effectively improve power, and ensure safety performance. In terms of application areas, in addition to passenger cars, special vehicles, aerospace, and navigation are all application areas that can be explored and expanded.

 Market competitiveness: BAK Battery is the first lithium battery company in China to layout large-cylindrical technology. It has been trying to explore cylindrical batteries larger than 21700 size for many years. It was officially promoted to high-end customers in 2019 and has been widely recognized by customers. The BAK Cylinder is not limited to the size of 4680. The diameter of BAK Cylinder batteries includes different sizes ranging from 26 to 32, and even 40-50. Among them, 4680 may be a relatively mainstream highly standardized product in the future. As far as the industry is concerned, BAK believes that the mass production of large cylindrical batteries is expected to start in 2023, and the future market demand is expected to increase by 1-2 times.


3. Henan Haihong Technology Co., Ltd.

Participating product type: 18650 Cylindrical cell

Product introduction: 3000 (8C) battery is the company’s newly developed high-capacity and high-rate model. This product uses high-nickel ternary with silicon-carbon negative electrodes. Both the positive and negative electrodes are designed with bipolar ears. Having passed various safety performance tests, this product has excellent performance in cycle, rate, etc. More than 98% cells can reach 8C rate and cells with 1C-8C charge and discharge cycle can reach 400 times cycles. Each cell has low internal resistance and low heat generation during discharge.

 Market competitiveness: 3000 (8C) battery is a high-capacity and high-rate small power battery, which can be widely used in household power tools. It can be ensured that it has longer working hours and can improve the efficiency of tools working and more convenient to use. Compared with the existing models on the market, the advantages are more obvious. Since the launch of this model, its market share has increased by leaps and bounds, as well as its daily increased sales. In the power tool market in East China and South China, this model is more popular and orders are basically saturated.


4. Jiangsu Highstar Battery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

Participating product type: Cylindrical lithium-ion battery

Product introduction: Oriented by the industrialization demand of high specific energy and high rate lithium ion batteries in the field of power tools, this product focuses on solving two problems: The improvement of the energy density of single batteries and the high rate charge and discharge performance. The energy density of the successfully developed lithium battery reaches above 250Wh/kg. The maximum pulse discharge rate of the battery is 30C. The capacity retention rate of the 500 cycles cell in 2C charge rate and 10C discharge rate is 80% of the standard capacity. While meeting the needs of power tools, it will ensure that the battery does not catch fire or explosion during various safety performance tests. The overall technology of the product is leading domestic industry.

 Market competitiveness: In 2021, EVTank institute, Ivy Economic Research Institute and China Battery Industry Research Institute jointly released the "White Paper on the Development of China's Power Tool Industry (2021)" and the "White Paper on the Development of China's Cylindrical Lithium-ion Battery Industry (2021)". According to the White Paper, from the perspective of the market share of the world’s major power tool battery companies (see the chart below), Highstar’s market share accounted for 4.8%, ranking the top three in the domestic market, and top six in the international market.

The above data comes from Gaogong lithium battery, in no particular order.

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