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Power tool lithium battery market "surge" May 17

According to GGII data, global shipments of power tools lithium battery will be 22GWh in 2021, and it is predicted that the shipment will increase to 60GWh in 2026, with 2.7 times the growth space compared with 2021. Among them, domestic power tool lithium battery shipment has increased significantly year-on-year, as well as the market share, which is accelerating the replacement of imported power tool battery.

In 2022, various data show that the market demand for lithium power tool battery will continue to grow. TenPower received the order documents from Stanley Black & Decker in early March. The two sides confirmed that the supply of ternary cylindrical lithium batteries in 2022-2024 will be 120 million, 240 million and 280 million respectively. As lithium power tool battery order has increased substantially in 2022, Highstar Battery current cylindrical lithium battery orders have covered its production plan for the first three quarters. Lithium power tool battery shipment of domestic company, such as Eve Energy, Far East Battery, BAK Power, Great Power, Changhong Energy, etc. has increased by varying degrees in 2021, so production is actively expanding to meet the growing demand of downstream market.

In general, after new productivity released by above-mentioned enterprises, the supply capacity of domestic power tool lithium battery will be further improved. At the same time, Density Battery will also seize the trend and open up a new world in lithium power tool battery market with its unique industrial chain advantages.

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