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The price of lithium carbonate really needs to be lowered when the battery is cut down? Dec 30

On November 14, the lithium carbonate price index of Wuxi electronic disk plummeted by more than 7% in a single day's closing, causing a lot of panic: "I heard that the battery factory will reduce production by the end of the year?", "Is the downstream demand bad now?", "Is XX company going to reduce production?"


The market rumors are rife. Xinlun Information has investigated and communicated with the industry chain enterprises about this situation, and believes that the main reasons for the market fluctuation are as follows: 01 The price of lithium carbonate is high, and the downstream costs are "under great pressure." According to Xinlun Lithium Battery Database, after the price of battery grade lithium carbonate officially exceeded 600000 yuan/ton on November 9, it has continued to consolidate at a high level up to now, with an increase of 1057.7% compared with the beginning of 2021, Set a new record.

From 2021 to now, supply and demand mismatches frequently occur in multiple material links in the industrial chain. However, lithium hexafluorophosphate, additive VC, cathode graphitization and other lithium battery materials that once rose to the sky have entered the downward channel this year with the implementation of industrial expansion projects. Only lithium salt still leads the positive material to continue to rise, and the transmission to the downstream drives the cost of batteries and vehicle terminals to rise synchronously.

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